What are you hungry for?

What are you hungry for? Are you hungry at all?

Perhaps you’re not hungry, but neither are you satisfied with what you’ve eaten – you ate a salad when you wanted something hot and filling, believing that the salad would be ‘better for you’. And instead, all you want to do is eat more.

Perhaps you are scared of feeling hungry, and don’t dare let yourself feel it? In case the hunger is so great that you eat everything in sight…

Or is it sugar craving driving you, not hunger at all? A roller coaster ride of insulin and glucose: sedated on carbs one minute and desperate for another fix the next.

Maybe you’re actually hungry for recognition, or a new job, or a bit of encouragement. But that isn’t forthcoming, so a biscuit will have to do.

It can be worthwhile to sit for a moment, and to allow quietness to settle into your limbs, so that you can ask your stomach, your heart, your being: what am I hungry for?

And then give yourself permission to have it.

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