About Clare

Clare Taylor has a degree in Psychology and over twenty years experience counselling and coaching people about how to change behaviour, and how to cope with change.

She has an international career in marketing with big brands (Cadbury, Hewlett Packard, Deloitte) where she has specialised in changing behaviours. Fundamentally, all marketing is based on getting people to change what they do – what they purchase, how they eat, how they live. Now she prefers to use her skills to help individuals navigate the challenges of modern life.

Clare started coaching around food – how to lose weight without dieting. She still does this, but over the years, has broadened her scope to include many other challenges that clients face.

She uses a variety of techniques and systems to help her clients, including Internal Family Systems (Parts Theory), Compassionate Inquiry, Deep Listening and Non-Violent Communication.

For clients with weight and dieting issues, we create the body and relationship with food that the client wants.  She develops a personalised approach that results in changes to eating habits, body weight and attitudes to food.  There is no ‘one size fits all’.  There are no eating plans.  Everyone is different. Everyone likes different foods, gets hungry at different times and reacts differently to ingredients. 

Clare has struggled with dieting herself and understands deeply the battle.  She has compassion and empathy for all those engaged in the battle – and wants to help others find the peace and the results that she has.

She has maintained a 15kg weight loss for twenty years and still eats chocolate almost every day.

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