How we can work together

Sometimes life gets hard, things get tricky and we need a bit of help.

Life throws up challenges, big and small. Weight gain, relationship issues, job loss or career change, menopause, retirement, pandemics…

We all go through times of change, life transitions, and we can struggle to cope. Or we can find that the way we did things before, doesn’t work so well any more.

These are times of stress where we sometimes need extra support. I’m here to offer that.

There may also be behaviours or coping strategies that we’d like to change – healthier eating, more patience with loved ones, less criticism of oneself, better sleep. We work to find alternative ways of coping.

We look at new ways of living life, ways of ‘being’ that are more helpful, more healthful and more satisfying.

Life is for enjoying. Let’s aim for that.

Weight Loss/Beginnings

I actually started my business by helping women get off the hamster wheel of dieting. I’m passionate about this I had a battle with my weight after I started working for Cadbury (I’ve kept it off for a couple of decades). Turns out science has known since the 1940s that diets don’t work. I’ve read the science so that you don’t need to – and used it to create a powerful program that works.

Just as you’d have a personal trainer to coach you in the gym, I’m here to coach you with your eating habits.

I coach my clients to get the body they want, eating foods they love (yes, even chocolate). I’ve even written a book about it.

Life Transitions

There’s so much change – more than we bargain for. And that demands different things from us – whether it’s just resilience to get through. Or a new way of behaving. Or acceptance.

None of this is easy.

I work with my clients to look at new and different ways of handling things.

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