Why we Cheat when we Eat

Do you struggle to stick to a diet?

Do you want to lose weight and yet find yourself sabotaging your efforts, and then hating yourself for not having more willpower?

Do you feel out of control around food?

Do you feel guilty when you eat certain things and virtuous only when you stick to a rigid diet?

Have you given up on being able to lose weight?

Eating is a complicated thing.  Food is not just fuel.  It’s the way we celebrate: think birthday cakes and Christmas dinner.  It can be the way we show love – to cook a romantic meal or nourish our children.  Certain foods become coloured by memories and associations.  Other foods act like drugs on our bodies, triggering pleasure centres, addiction or setting off a series of neurochemical reactions in our brains.

This means that changing what and how we eat is difficult and complicated. Most of us know what to eat.  Yet so many of us struggle to do so.

The Diet Coach is here to help.  With more than twenty years experience, we can help you make peace with food and find your dream body.  All without having to give up your favourite treats.

Why we cheat when we eat and how to stop’ is now available as a book.

It can be purchased on Amazon or Book Depository or on Kindle.


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